9 Multifunctional Minimalist House Interior Design For All Rooms (Guide And Full Image Example)

9 Multifunctional Minimalist House Interior Design For All Rooms (Guide And Full Image Example)

Living in a tiny dwelling, it often forces its owner to utilize for a function that differently. For example, living rooms trap family rooms, kitchens trap dining rooms, as well as bedrooms that serve as study rooms.

If this is the case, you’ll have to think extra hard to keep each room feeling comfortable.

So, it’s not impossible for Friend BDNewsMix.com to design this multifunctional one to remain comfortable and proper in use

Here we present some multifunctional room designs that could possibly be an inspiration.

Check it out, please!

Minimalist Design Ideas by Room Type

interior rumah minimalis
9 Multifunctional Minimalist House Interior Design For All Rooms (Guide And Full Image Example)

Living Room Interior

The guest room that joins the family room is typical of the design in a minimal petite houseis.

This form is often applied to tiny minimalist houses of type 45 down.

Why the living room and the family room?

This is because land is more maximized in rooms with vital functions such as ti roomsdur and bathroom.

To make the family gathering more enjoyable, add a television set to the wall (mount)d).

By applying that, you will get more room to put other furniture.

Don’t forget, also place a sofa that is soft and comfortable but has a simple design so that it won’t a lot of wasted room.

Although it is small in size, the aesthetic elements of the living room and the family room are also not bolteduh ignored lo.

You can give a touch of decoration such as:

bnga-fresh flowers that are put in a vase
Some cushions with colored and patterned covers are attractive.
It is necessary for you to do so that a good impression arises from the guests who come.

Family Space Design

Not only does the living room join, the family room can also be joined together with the kitchen area as well as the ruang eat.

Because, in addition to the television room, family activities usually concentrate in the kitchen as well as the dining room.

In order to keep the atmosphere in the chamber tripel such a function, all that must be done is determine a theme that can correspond to all three functions of the room.

Examples include white themes blending with furniture as well as monochrome ornate decorations.

kitchen and family room

Tips for you:

It is best not to use dark colors on small multifunctional rooms, especially on sharingan an wall.

However, when you like it, do not use that dark color as the dominant color.

The interior of the family room united with the kitchen area and dining room, even the living room was saNgat is commonly used in vertical occupancy which is apartments and rusun.

If you’re a resident of a rusun and an apartment, that must be done to make everything work. and feeling comfortable is choosing furniture with a simple design as well as minimalist.

Minimalist Kitchen Parts

As previously explained, although the function is very special, the kitchen area is still possible to join other rooms, especially family rooms.

Well, if you want to take a little distance between the two rooms, you can figure it out withn the placement of furniture on the area of the family room that is more jutting inward.

Examples are as shown below:

Not only the family room, the kitchen you can use as a washing area.

To get the washing machine camouflaged, place them inside a cabinet or an outboard cabinet.

A drain water flow from the washing machine may be coupled together with a dish washing water drain pipe.

Multifunctional Bathroom Design Inspiration

From a long time ago, the bathroom has indeed been functioned as a washing place.

It used to be the way it was still traditional, not putting washing machines in it.

There are now many people who apply this design to petite houses as well as residential housespartemen.

In order not to get wet and quickly break down, place washing machine on top of plastic layer or inside cabinet kamar a bath.

Not only as a laundry room, but a little bit of space-consuming activity is a dressing-up place.

Instead of making a mess of the bedroom, put all your gear in a lemar.i specialized in the bathroom.

Don’t forget, the bathroom also has the right lighting lights to reflect wajah seems optimal.

Unified Bedroom Interior with Study Room

Having a self-employed space at home is definitely squeaky, but…

jikaIf the area is not too adequate, surely this will be a problem.

Actually, you can unite the room with other areas of the house.

For example putting it together with a bedroom.

To make the sleeping area more private, you can put a non-permanent bulkhead between the two.

Some examples of such bulkhead options include bookshelves, minimalist sofas, to curtains.


Keep in mind, a simple little house will be tetap optimal its function if we cleverly and creatively compose everything something in it.

May designs with such multifunctional rooms can help you set up your little habitation, BDNe FriendwsMix.com.

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