This Is How To Make Home Feel Like a Villa

This Is How To Make Home Feel Like a Villa

Bali, known throughout the universe as an island a beautiful and spiritual person. Both humans and nature, both synergistically create a harmonious relationship. as occupancy increases, residents are increasingly racing to create a home design that “creates” with nature.

Even tourists who are not indigenous to Bali many want to create a modern Balinese style house design.

How To Make Home Feel Like a Villa

The question is, how can Bali shades be put into houses outside Bali with a comfortable concept like beachside villas or hills? Here it is!

  1. Modern balinese house design architecture has a wickatan good with nature. Expose natural stones in some important parts of the house, especially in the front facade section of the building. The materials are diverse, starting chrysanthemum, palliquity natural stone, creeping paras rock, and so on.
  2. The Bali building has 3 main elements, which are feet, body and head. To emphasize this element, the level of the main house was attempted to have a minimum height of 1 m from the front road of the house (foot). For the head of the building can be explored the shape of the roof.
  3. The giving of romantic-spiritual elements is also dapat put on certain points such as carvings, sculptures and others. On the item add a dim yellow highlight to give an intimate impression.
  4. Vegetation selection becomes the next focus because greatly influenced by displaying the atmosphere of Bali. The clasp tree (camboja) became a reliable one. Elephant grass can also be a choice of garden land cover.
  5. The water element is so great its benefits as to add efek natural into the house. the sound of falling water adding a rustle to it.
  6. Lastly, add aromatic wax elements especially in a bedroom or bathroom.

Final Words

That is how to make the house feel like a villa, if you like it please share this article!

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